Saturday, May 20, 2017

The room of a child or a teenager is a multifunctional room: during the day it is used as a study, a playground, a bedroom.Children's rooms, selected by experts of our online store, will provide comfort for the child during all classes. To choose it was more convenient, in separate sections the furniture for boys and girls is taken out.

The catalog with the photo allows in detail to consider the whole range of products:
  • Modular children's rooms;
  • Amusing sofas in the form of a train or a car;
  • Two-story beds with a textile decor intended for two children;
  • "Attics" with a niche in the workplace;
  • Youth sets with avant-garde design.

Indisputable advantages of furniture from the manufacturer - high quality of execution, use of ecologically impeccable materials.Stable constructions, rounded corners, safe fittings protect children from injuries and guarantee the calmness of parents. Travel around the city's shops in search of better prices - this is yesterday. It is much easier and more rational to buy an inexpensive child's room in the "ABC of Furniture" !

the catalog

A modern range of upholstered furniture amazes with its variety of models and prices. The cost of a sofa in furniture stores can start from 5000 dollars and reach up to sky-high sums. The Internet shop "ABC of furniture" offers that assortment of furniture, which is most often in demand by the average resident of Sydney or Sydney region. We can always buy sofas cheaply from the furniture manufacturer. The assortment and prices for upholstered furniture will suit every visitor: couches eurobook from 12,400 AUD, accordion sofas from 11,900 dollars, sofas a book from 9600 and a huge selection of sofas for every taste and color at very affordable prices. A large selection of children's sofas stylish uncommon design, as well as a wide range of beautiful upholstery, including children's, will not leave indifferent any child, and the quality of their parents. Buy a sofa with delivery in Sydney in our online store is simple enough, you only need to choose a model, upholstery and leave an application on the site or our operator.

In the catalog of the online store "ABC Furniture" you will find:
  • Furniture for the living room : walls, coffee tables, curbstones for TV.
  • Housing products for the bedroom: single and double beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers, as well as mattresses of various sizes.
  • Storage systems for the entrance area: hallways, compact shoes, clothes hangers, straight and corner cupboards (swinging and coupe).
  • Sets and corners for the kitchen.
Products presented in this section are made in a specific configuration and color performance. This means that the possibility to change the dimensions, filling, upholstery fabric or the appearance of facades is not provided. On the furniture are significant discounts - buy stock models can be cheap.
In addition to regularly lowering prices for hull products, we often have a sale of sofas . Choose your favorite models and make out an order - discounts are valid for a limited time. If you have any questions, please call us - the operators will help you to decide on the choice and advise on the terms of delivery.

Sale of sofas from the manufacturer's warehouse

Sale of sofas from the manufacturer's warehouse

In the catalog there are a wide variety of models, differing in: picking, size and style ( corner sofas , children's , office, etc.), by extension mechanism (eurobook, accordion, click-clack, book, etc.), color design. Sale on the sofas available in the warehouse, gives the opportunity to purchase absolutely any option at a low price.
In addition to low prices and savings, such shares give an opportunity:
  • Quickly receive your order
  • Immediately assess the appearance of the sofa, its dimensions, finish, etc.
  • Get instant advice on installation and assembly.
Also to each sofa you can choose armchairs and pouffes , tables and other furniture that will complement the general interior of the room. The Internet-store "ABC Furniture" performs the delivery, installation and assembly of models in Moscow and the Moscow region. We are waiting for your applications!

  • Dimensions:
  •  length: 2.44 m
  •  depth: 1.90 m
  •  height: 0.80 m
  •  Sleeping Area:
  •  length of the berth: 2.24 m
  •  the width of the berth: 1.40 m
  •  height of the berth: 0.39 m
  •  The Mechanism Of Transformation:
  •  dolphin
  •  Filler:
  •  spring snake + ppu

  • Extras. Equipment:
  •  linen drawer
  •  pillows
  •  Filling Pillows:
  •  crumb
  •  Decorative Elements:
  •  without decorative elements
  •  Warranty: 18 months

  •  Dimensions:
  •  length: 2.00 m
  •  depth: 0.96 m
  •  height: 0.93 m
  •  Sleeping Area:
  •  length of berth: 2.00 m
  •  the width of the berth: 1.47 m
  •  height of berth: 0.43 m
  •  The Mechanism Of Transformation:
  •  eurobook
  •  Filler:
  •  spring block bonnel
  •  Extras. Equipment:
  •  linen drawer
  •  pillows