Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sale of sofas from the manufacturer's warehouse

Sale of sofas from the manufacturer's warehouse

In the catalog there are a wide variety of models, differing in: picking, size and style ( corner sofas , children's , office, etc.), by extension mechanism (eurobook, accordion, click-clack, book, etc.), color design. Sale on the sofas available in the warehouse, gives the opportunity to purchase absolutely any option at a low price.
In addition to low prices and savings, such shares give an opportunity:
  • Quickly receive your order
  • Immediately assess the appearance of the sofa, its dimensions, finish, etc.
  • Get instant advice on installation and assembly.
Also to each sofa you can choose armchairs and pouffes , tables and other furniture that will complement the general interior of the room. The Internet-store "ABC Furniture" performs the delivery, installation and assembly of models in Moscow and the Moscow region. We are waiting for your applications!

  • Dimensions:
  •  length: 2.44 m
  •  depth: 1.90 m
  •  height: 0.80 m
  •  Sleeping Area:
  •  length of the berth: 2.24 m
  •  the width of the berth: 1.40 m
  •  height of the berth: 0.39 m
  •  The Mechanism Of Transformation:
  •  dolphin
  •  Filler:
  •  spring snake + ppu

  • Extras. Equipment:
  •  linen drawer
  •  pillows
  •  Filling Pillows:
  •  crumb
  •  Decorative Elements:
  •  without decorative elements
  •  Warranty: 18 months

  •  Dimensions:
  •  length: 2.00 m
  •  depth: 0.96 m
  •  height: 0.93 m
  •  Sleeping Area:
  •  length of berth: 2.00 m
  •  the width of the berth: 1.47 m
  •  height of berth: 0.43 m
  •  The Mechanism Of Transformation:
  •  eurobook
  •  Filler:
  •  spring block bonnel
  •  Extras. Equipment:
  •  linen drawer
  •  pillows

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